What is it all about?

At Delph Side, the Delph Side Members of Parliament (DMPs) is about giving everyone a voice, all the way from Year 1 to Year 6. It's all about making a difference!

Our previous School Council have helped with big changes such as changing the school uniform and organising new timetables for break and lunch times!

How could you make a difference?

Minimising Waste

It was brought to the DMP's attention by the kitchen and cleaning staff that surplus milk and fruit was being wasted from each class. In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, fruit and milk is provided every day and delivered from the fruit monitors during Breakfast Club before school, however unused milk and fruit was being thrown away every day in each class. Could this fruit be used anywhere else? Do we have space to store left-overs? Will it be the most hygienic place to have fruit and milk in separate classrooms everyday? Miss Kinsella posed this problem to the DMP's asking for a solution. The DMP's got to work asking others what they thought and came up with many suggestions such as donating left overs to a food bank, using surplus for cookery club and offering out spare fruit and milk to Key Stage 2 as well as Key Stage 1. Collectively, it was decided to have one central place for the 'snack' items so it would be one person's job to replenish and clean- making it more manageable and hopefully less waste.  

With great success, the DMP's have achieved 100 percent less waste with fruit baskets being emptied by the end of every day! Key Stage 1 and Reception were encouraged to choose their own fruit and milk on their way outside during morning play, anything that was left over was up for grabs for Key Stage 2 playtime and lunchtime if needed. This has resulted in, not only less waste, but more hygienic classroom areas! Thank you to the DMP for #embracing this problem and #evolving into a new Delph Side routine! 

Spreading Good Luck and Cheer

The Delph Side Members of Parliament made it their mission to support the Year 6 children with their SAT's tests this week. Collaboratively, they created postcards with positive messages and delivered a sweet treat of donuts by bombarding their classroom unannounced this afternoon! Sorry Mr Ward for this disruption to your lesson but we hope Year 6 #enjoyed this special treat! Keep up all your hard work and remember #youmakethedifference!


World Book Day 2023 

The Delph Side Members of Parliament have been busy hosting a World Book Day Quiz on the playground today. The children had to match Delph Side teacher's to their favourite story book. 


World Book Day 

As it is World Book Day next week, the DMP's have been collecting data about what books the Delph Siders #enjoy so we can use the money raised from this event to upscale class libraries. During lunch time, the DMP's asked their fellow peers who their favourite authors are, what genres they like and dislike and what books they would like to read in class. 

DMP Meetings

February 2023

To discuss the role of Delph Side Prime Minister and prepare speeches for running candidates.

To discuss and plan for upcoming events such as World Book Day. 

DMP Meetings

January 2023

Meeting fellow DMPs to discuss what we think the role of a Delph Side Member of Parliament should entail and what we think should be on our agenda for this academic year. 

DMP Elections!

Well done to all the school councillors who were elected by their classes!